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  • Uploading a Video

    To upload videos you must first register for an account.
    Once your account is approved you may begin uploading videos.

    NOTE: We only accept videos of Car Putz people in their Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, or other moving vehicles.

    We suggest you add a tag with their License Plate info, Date, Location, as much other descriptive information as possible.
    This way searches can be done to see if these Putz's do this all the time.

    Who knows - Once we get enough of these idiot drivers on camera maybe insurance companies will take a look and drive their insurance rates up as CraZy as they are!!

    The upload video link is cleverly hidden to the right of your username / avatar on the far right of the navigation bar, Just hover your pointer to the right and click to bring up the menu.


    Happy Posting !!

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